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  • All kudos to professionalism being practiced serenity and ambience entwined with par-de-excellence infra, humility and expertise, a wonderful place for all dental solutions.


  • When I was younger I would come up with any and every excuse to avoid spending time in a dental chair. Since I started going to Dr. Anand that is no longer the case. I wouldn’t say I look forward to my appointments but with skilled and always friendly staff they make a pleasant environment. My teeth are now the healthiest they have ever been. With personal interaction and sense of humor my children enjoy going for their appointments. When friends and family ask me which clinic I go to I always recommend Realtooth.

    -Madhu Lal

  • The reason that I travel over 1,000 km for a simple checkup by Dr. Anand and his team. Dr. Anand has been my dentist since 2009. He has done implant and zirconia crown for me. He excels in his work and most important the treatment is painless. A lot has changed since 2009, but not my dentist. Dr. Anand and his team is professional, compassionate and technologically savvy. I always recommend him to my friends and family.

    -Disha Srivastava

  • Top Reasons why Realtooth is the best : 1. The dentist cares about my teeth being health 2. He is gentle 3. He knows about Dentistry and his needles don’t hurt very much 4. His co-workers are very nice 5. My grandpa, dad, mom and sister visit Realtooth for their teeth.

    -Kartik Shukla

  • Realtooth has the highest standard of care. The staff has an infection control manual readily available to educate the patients.

    -Neeru Bansal

  • Realtooth is trustworthy. No procedures are recommended without deep consideration for the absolute necessary actions and even then, the patient has the final word.

    -Jaya Suri

  • The office atmosphere at Realtooth is wonderful. They have Modern décor and equipments, casual down to earth dentist and friendly staff.

    -Saurabh Verma

  • The Realtooth dental practice takes care of the patient’s time as much as their own. I was happy to know the process and the methodology of what is being done. The doctor patiently explained it in a good spirit and manner, with the right level of seriousness. It is nice to finally have found these qualities in dental service.

    -Vivek Prasand

  • Professional, efficient, skilled as well as accommodating and always friendly. A very rare combination and refreshing.

    -Meera Anand

  • Dr. Amit operates a truly first class dental office and I have benefited from his extra ordinary talent, professionalism and humanity. His staff is outstanding. I could not recommend him more highly.

    -Neha Kohli

  • Somehow I chipped my front tooth at night and called Realtooth the very next morning. The receptionist promptly fixed an appointment. Dr. Amit did a fantastic job for me. I am too impressed with the quick turn around and care.

    -Sachin Sharma

  • I have been Dr. Anand’s patient for long and have never been less than completely satisfied with the care. The treatments are highly efficient and the staff is very friendly, specially front desk and support staff. They are wonderful to spend time with. The doctor’s care has always being exceptional.

    -Anjali Gautam

  • I found realtooth through a random internet search. I am not usually so lucky with those, but he turned out to be a great dentist. I have been so pleased with his work that I recommend him to friends and family.

    -Zainab Fatima

  • The staff is awesome, I never have to wait and my teeth look amazing..

    -Sudha Garg

  • I was very pleased with my pario-dental cleaning. I have been Dr. Amit’s patient for about eight years. He has a terrific dental staff and technicians. Dr. Amit has done veneers and crowns for my upper and lower teeth and made them beautiful. He is very fussy to have terrific results for his patients. I recommend Realtooth very highly.

    -Aseem Shukla

  • My tooth had been hurting me and was infected for months; it caused me a lot of other systemic infection. The dentist at Realtooth was great with extraction. Even though I was nervous, he took time to make me comfortable and procedure was well done.

    -Manish Pandey

  • Dr. Amit is the first dentist who paused to ask me if anything hurt, and it was the first time I had totally pain free dental treatment. The whole process of implant placement and putting crown over them was extremely smooth. The assistant and front desk people are considerate and caring. It feels great.

    -Savita Seth

  • I got six beautiful crowns for my front teeth. They look so natural and I cannot stop smiling. The whole process was smooth. The staff is great and extremely friendly. Dr Amit has renovated the office and whole place looks warm, comfortable and very soothing.

    -M.L Malhotra

  • Dr. Amit is very caring and understanding. During our visit, my children were very scared of the dental treatment. But he took time to kindly talk to them in between the procedure and calm them down. He is very kind to kids.

    -Ruchi Sahu

  • Dr. Amit takes time to explain the procedures. He explains the pros & cons of the treatment so that I can make an independent judgement.The staff at Realtooth is extremely helpful. Dr. Amit has great rapport with his assistant and support staff and they work very well together.

    -Gaurav Kumar

  • Friendly competent, professional, always on time.

    -Pushpinder Singh

  • I have been an envisaging patient of Dr. Amit for the last four months. I always thought I would get my bottom teeth fixed eventually but never got it done. My teeth are very tight and they shred the dental floss, even the shred proof variety. It was an annoyance for me but not a big deal because most people don’t look at your bottom teeth. However I was starting to get some other problems and found out that by straightening my teeth I could clean them more easily and prevent further problems down the road. I work for long hours and have a very busy schedule so the thought of braces just sound too inconvenient, not to mention painful. The starting envisaging has allowed me to take care of my health in a better way and not ignoring my other responsibilities.

    -Talha Khan

  • I am always impressed by realtooth, be it their sincerity towards their patients or dedication to their work or the relaxing ambience. I never had any idea that a dental office atmosphere could be so serene. Realtooth changed my perception about dentistry.

    -Sonal Rao

  • The folks working on my oral health were amazing. You guys do great work. My best wishes to realtooth, keep up the good work.

    -Sunil Marwah

  • Over the years my dentist has helped me to overcome my fear of going to a dentist and tolerating the pain. Dr. Anand is very patient, calm and takes time to explain things so I can understand everything properly. His sense of humor helped me a lot during my treatment. I like my dentist and also the support staff at realtooth.

    -Daniel Solomon

  • There was no pain or problem in my extractions. Dr. Anand goes above and beyond the call of duty to make you understand what you should do with your teeth and mouth so that there are no future health risks. I found him truly caring about my oral health.

    -Veenu Misra

  • Thank you Dr. Amit for a great experience and the quality work you have done on my teeth. I am usually apprehensive about needles and but it was not painful at all. Infact, I am ready for the next needle. Thank you for the gentle touch. My family and I have been pleased with your professional yet personal services. See you soon.

    -R.K Jaiswal

  • Very pleasant indeed. Dr. Amit is a great dentist. He kindly listens to his patients and takes care of their needs with great attention.

    -Rimjhim Bakshi

  • Dr. Amit is an excellent dentist. He took time to explain every procedure he was doing. Citing an example; when I got my teeth whitened, Dr. Amit was very supportive and thorough in explaining the process. He is professional and has a naturally lovely personality. I would recommend Dr. Amit to everyone. He is the best dentist I ever had.

    -Satish Kapoor

  • I am grateful for getting this opportunity to share my experience with Dr. Amit and his staff at Realtooth. From my very first visit at the office; I was warmly welcomed and made comfortable by his friendly and competent staff. Dr. Amit inspires me with his utmost confidence and his wealth of knowledge, skill and professionalism. Highest recommendations for Amit and his associates at Real Tooth.

    -Mohd Irfan

  • Realtooth team is friendly and competent. Everybody out here is very responsive to your needs. I had a wonderful experience.

    -Anita Gupta

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Message from director

   We at Realtooth are committed to provide excellent dental care by highly accomplished professionals in a comforting and friendly environment. We pride ourselves in our competence, enthusiasm and dedication towards our profession.
We offer you all the treatment options available, and allow you to make a choice that you feel suits you best. All your queries would be attended to patiently and effectively. You would be provided with unambiguous and credible estimates for your treatment plan.
Considering your busy schedule we take great care in accommodating your appointments as per your convenience and satisfaction. We have taken a pledge to always strive towards excellence and keep ourselves updated with the latest global developments and advances in the field of dentistry. At Realtooth we believe in being the right dentist for you whether you just want a toothache taken care of or would like a complete smile make over. we will carefully listen to your concerns and wants regarding your dental health and aesthetics. After listening to your dental concerns and completing your thorough examination, we will present

to you a personalized treatment plan that will address your needs and concerns. We assure you to provide a treatment as comfortably and safely as possible. I cordially invite you to come and join us and be a part of the Realtooth Family.  

Dr. Amit Anand

     My primary role as the director of Realtooth is administrative, but I also enjoy direct patient care. As an administrator, one of my greatest strength is my organizational skills. As specially designated as the program director of continued professional skills development program and Realtooth educational wing, I work on the smooth functioning of programs, solving problems and constantly try to bring innovation and improvements in the programs.
As a care provider, I particularly enjoy surgery and prosthetics which I have learned from various attending and residents over the years and I look forward to share my knowledge with everyone.
Through our programs, I would like to provide services to the community. Many of our patients have special needs. I value good communication between the care provider and the patients, and I feel this area offers the greatest potential for improvement in young dentists.
We have modern facilities to incorporate all treatment modalities for smooth functioning of surgeries in our infrastructure. We have partnered with a great team of dental auxiliaries who are willing and capable of helping in advancement of dental practice. We treat a wide range of patients and have embraced the concept of Relationship Based Care (RBC).

Our each and every employee has a piece in creating a positive experience for our patients. I am sure you will experience a unique team work while visiting Realtooth facility.
I look forward in meeting you and sharing with you first hand all that Realtooth has to offer.  

Dr. Arpita Anand