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Best Dentist in Lucknow -Realtooth. Realtooth has a team of dedicated professionals working for you. We have Best dentist in Lucknow work together to bring to you the Best and the latest Dental services served with lot of care. In addition, our specialists Dentist in Lucknow include Orthodontists, Endodontists, Maxillo Facial Surgeon, Prosthodontists, Paediatric Dentists, Personal Dentists and in-house dental laboratory technicians. All these disciplines together under one roof results in outstanding dentistry.

We at Realtooth has Best Dentists in Lucknow who will always be there to help you in a professional and committed environment. We have a world class infrastructure and modern equipment to support you in all type of Dentistry and Dentist need in Lucknow.

Our co-ordinate and committed health care teams work in integrated approach to impart best possible treatment options to our patients. Our friendly Dentist and attentive team insures that patients are always looked after with utmost professionalism and courtesy.
Our warm and welcoming Dentists in Lucknow team leaves no stone unturned to ensure high standards of proficiency.
Apart from providing Clinical services the Realtooth, keeping in view the social responsibility is also running an education academy. The objective of this academy is not only educating clinical skills but imparting professional ethics and values.
We nurture fresh Dentist  by taking them under our wings through transitional journey from safe surrounding ofDental schools towards relatively hostile and challenging environment of private practice. So If you looking for Best dental Doctor in Lucknow,Realtooth have Best Dentist in Lucknow and Best Dental Clinic in Lucknow.

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Dr. Amit Anand


Dr. Anand is the founder and director of realtooth. He has attained his Masters degree in Endodontics from UP Dental University. Dr. Anand is a multifarious personality having wide range of interests which lay great emphasis on painless dentistry. As a keen learner he believes in continuous professional development and as a result is a master craftsman in implants, Root canal Treatments, surgical procedures and cosmetic dentistry. As a responsible dentist he is a firm believer in minimal invasive dentistry. His academic endeavors consist of :-

  • Director of Centre of Advance Dental Education.
  • Member of Indian endodontic society.
  • Member of international centre for laser education.
  • Member of Indian society of prosthodontics, restorative and periodontics.
  • Member of academy of oral implantology.
  • Member of Indian Dental Association.

Dr.Anand loves to incorporate recent discoveries in dental world in order to add new dimensions to his cutting edge world class inventory of Realtooth.Dr. Anand works to be at par with global scenario adding new horizons to the landscape of dentistry and gives heed to social obligations as well. He is playing a fair role as a mentor to young aspiring dentists and runs a dental academy in order to pass on his share of knowledge and skills to dental students.

Dr. Arpita Anand


Dr. Arpita Anand has attained a Bachelor’s degree in dental surgery from SPIDS and is working as an expert dental surgeon at Realtooth. She has been a valuable contributor immensely to our organization as a specialist in cosmetic dentistry. As per her personal inclinations she has been a great help in Paediatric dentistry due to her easy going approach towards kids. Dr. Arpita is an expert in counseling and makes things much more easier specially for apprehensive patients and those needing special attention.

Dr. Sumit Anand

Dr. Sumit Anand is a consultant orthodontist and dentofacial orthopedic working at Realtooth since its inception. He plays a major role in challenging the dynamic field of orthodontics. As a specialist, he has a vast spectrum of clinical workings ranging from paediatric dentistry to patients needing special esthetic requirements.

Dr. Anup Gupta

Dr. Anup Gupta has attained a Masters Degree in oral and maxillo facial surgery from Faculty of Dental Sciences, King George Medical University. His expertise lies in treating conditions such as cyst and tumors of the jaws, impacted teeth, temporomadibular joint disorders, salivary gland diseases, facial pain and facial disproportion. He has been a great help to realtooth in treating traumatic cases requiring immediate attention.

Dr. Abhishek Sinha

Dr. Abhishek Sinha has attained a Masters degree in oral medicine and radiology. His area of work interest is in the disease involving oral and para-oral structures. It includes those principles of medicine that relate to the mouth, as well as researching biological pathological and clinical spheres. He is an expert in diagnosis and medical management of diseases specific to the oro-facial tissues and of oral manifestations of systemic diseases.

Dr. Gaurav Bhalla


Dr. Gaurav Bhalla is a consultant prosthodontist and lab incharge at Realtooth. Dr. Bhalla has attained a Masters degree from Faculty of Dental Sciences, King George medical university. He has specialized in crown and bridge, maxilla-facial prosthesis, CAD-CAM and implant prosthesis. His expertise and dedication towards his work is reflected in the high quality of prosthesis.

Dr. Asit Shukla


Dr. Asit Shukla is a reputed dentist with immense experience of Dental practice with top dentists and surgeons of Europe. His expertise in Endodontics, oral surgery and cosmetic dentistry is a valuable asset for realtooth.

Dr. Sanchita

Dr. Sanchita has attained a Bachelor’s degree in dental surgery from Saraswati Dental College. She has been associated with Realtooth as a personal dentist for the past one year. Keeping in view the basic aim and philosophy of REAL TOOTH organization, she has been assigned the additional responsibility of Personal Dentist considering her inclination and skills. She is best suited in propagating the idea of family dentistry which is witnessing a major role in dental practice.

Dr. Tulika Yadav

Dr. Tulika Yadav has been assigned the responsibility of patient care & co-ordinator ,due to her excellent skills and approach towards patients. Dr. Tulika provides coordinated care to (age specific) patients by developing, monitoring and evaluating inter disciplinary care. She orients and educates the patients and their family, initiates care plan, provides educational information in conjunction with direct care providers related to the treatments, procedures, and continuing care requirements.