1. Myth: All Oral Surgeries are Extremely Painful. 
    Fact: While pain tolerance is relative per patient, not all oral surgical procedures are painful. Dentistry is not painful if you’re properly numbed up (though if you fear the sensation of numbness, this may not be much of a consolation. There’s a cream or gel which can be applied to your gums first in order to numb them before you are given the local anesthetic. If you are a severe needle phobic, there are both psychological and pharmacological methods (as well as gadgets!) available which can make it easier to receive dental care.
  2. Myth: Dental Sedation is NOT Safe.
    Fact: While some might be worried to go undergo surgery, the majority of oral surgery patients are most concerned about the “needle” of sedation and general anesthesia. So is dental sedation safe? The answer is yes! One of the main reasons is that throughout the sedation the drug is slowly titrated into the patient, as opposed to pushing a set amount of a drug all at once. During titration, the patient is continually monitored to determine if more or less medication is needed to achieve the desired sedative effect throughout a given dental procedure.
  3. Myth: Recovery is a Hard Road. 
    Fact: The common misconception of oral surgery is the postoperative process and duration of recovery. Many patients assume they will be out of work for several days or weeks following their oral surgery. However, in most cases, recovery time is just 3 days. While following directions, watching what you eat, and monitoring levels of discomfort with prescribed medications, you should bounce back in no time!
  4. Myth: dental surgeries are very expensive.
    Fact: Most procedures are covered, to varying degrees. But the important thing to realize here is that preventative care will save you more money in the long run than waiting until a dental problem HAS to be dealt. Emergency treatment will usually cost a lot more than a normal surgical visit would. Getting oral surgery done can actually save you a lot of money in the long run. Get the work done before you absolutely need to do it and you could end up saving a pretty penny. Plus: The sooner you get it done, the less pain and discomfort you’ll be experiencing in your life.
  5. Myth: there is a lot of risks associated with dental surgery
    Fact: Without any surgery, there is a risk. Dental implant procedures have been practiced for over forty years. With great advancements in technology, this procedure has become routine and carries only minor risks.
    Dr.Aishwarya Vats

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