Oral Cancer by Famous Dentist in Lucknow

Oral medicine, Diagnosis and Radiology is the specialty concerned with “dental” and medical related disorders of the oral and facial region, including orofacial manifestations of systemic diseases. The mainstay of any healthcare expertise is a good diagnostic ability. An accurate diagnosis and holistic treatment plan play the key role in improving treatment outcomes for the patient. Our physicicans at realtooth are bestowed with in-depth knowledge to successfully diagnose and manage various orofacial conditions and disorders.

Keeping this philosophy in view the Realtooth organization, apart from catering specialized dental needs of patients, is looking forward to build this centre as an oral medicine practice dedicated to meeting the unique dental and oral health needs of patients battling cancer.

 Oral Medicine and Radiology services at Realtooth:

  • Diagnosis and Management of Oral mucosal lesions like oral submucous fibrosis, oral lichen planus, \leukoplakia, candidiasis, pemphigus, pemphigoid, herpes, recurrent oral ulcers etc.
  • Diagnosis, assessment and management of Temporo-mandibular disorders and Orofacial pain
  • Diagnosis and Management of cysts and tumours and referral to higher centres for complex cases ( tie-up with various hospitals for the same)
  • Diagnosis of occult systemic diseases by their oral manifestations
  • Management of medically complex dental patients
  • Rendering Palliative care to patients undergoing chemotherapy/ radiotherapy for cancer treatment
  • Diagnosis, assessment and management of salivary gland pathologies
  • Laser treatment for potentially malignant disorders, various soft tissue lesions, Temporomandibular disorders
  • Counselling for Tobacco De-addiction
  • Oral Physiotherapy- Physical Therapy, Electro Therapy, Thermal Therapy
  • Fabrication of oral splints
  • Biopsies. Surgical removal of tissue or bone specimen for analysis to obtain a diagnosis.
  • Ordering and interpretation of tests. Such tests include imaging studies (x-rays, CT scans, CBCT, MRIs), salivary and blood tests and microbiological investigations.

Head and neck cancer encompasses a group of tumours involving the lip, oral cavity, nasal cavity, larynx, pharynx and paranasal sinuses. By incidence, it is the sixth leading cancer worldwide and eighth by fatality.

In the present scenario the diagnosis continues to rely on patient presentation and physical examination with biopsy confirmation. This may result in delay in diagnosis accounting for the fact that the majority of these cancers are diagnosed at a late stage. Early diagnosis and prompt treatment have been reported to significantly decrease morbitity and improve the survival rates of patients.

A thorough, systematic examination of the mouth and neck takes only a few minutes and can detect these cancers at an early and curable, stage. Head and neck cancer occurs in close proximity to vital structures and thus require a multidisciplinary approach. Our goal at realtooth is to discover oral, head and neck cancers early, before patients present with complains of of pain, mass, bleeding, otalgia ( ear pain), or dysphagia (difficulty in swallowing).

After an informed public that is knowledgeable about the risk factors for oral cancer, the dental community is the first line of defense in early detection of the disease. Performingcancer screenings of the existing patient population which visits a dental office every day, would yield tens of thousands of opportunities to catch oral cancer in its early stages. Mutual understanding and collaboration between the oncologist and dental surgeon is crucial for standardizing patient care and improving oral care standards.

Oncology Services Provided By Realtooth:

Despite the fact that oral cavity is easily accessible for diagnostic assement, most of the cancers are not diagnosed at an early stage due to negligence on patient part resulting in higher mortality case. Our Oral physicians render treatment to the patients at various stages starting right from the diagnosis of oral cancer, preparation of patient for treatment, management of oral complications during and post dtreatment, and for the reduction of pain.

  • Diagnostic assessment of lesion inside oral cavity- visual inspection, biopsy
  • Assessment of oral cavity before radiation therapy and chemotherapy
  • Preparation of mouth before radiation therapy- scaling and prophylaxis, extraction. Fluoride application,
  • Preparation of complex oral devices to aid radiation therapy treatment
  • Management of patients undergoing chemotherapy/radiotherapy: Dietary counselling; Management of mucositis, staomatitis, xerostomia, fungal infections like candidiasis
  • Preparation of prosthesis, which may be required as a result of surgery, radiation therapy or chemotherapy to the head and neck region
  • Management of Pain

Oral Health and Cancer Therapy:

All types of cancer treatment may predispose to oral complications, and it is important that patients undergoing chemotherapy, radiation therapy and bone marrow transplant receive advice from a trained dental professional prior to treatment. Such treatments are frequently associated with the oral complications that impact on the quality of life and the cost of care.

Dry mouth, gingival bleeding, mucositis and ulceration contribute to the discomfort of patients and interfere with the daily activities such as eating and talking. Oral complications may delay cancer treatment and may be dose limiting and thus may influence the outcome. Collaboration between the oral medicine specialist and the oncology team can significantly benefit patients which should also include an initial evaluation prior to treatment followed by regular follow ups during the operative and post operative periods.

Oral- Systemic collaboration at Realtooth:

At Realtooth we are trying to highlight the need for improved communication between medical and dental professionals in order to deliver more effective care to patients. The need for communication is increasingly required to capitalize on recent advances in biological sciences and medicine for the management of patients with chronic diseases.

Oral cavity has been regarded as the “Mirror of systemic diseases”. It is like a natural speculum and serves as portal to the inside of the body. The oral cavity is frequently involved in conditions affecting the skin or other multiorgan diseases. Oral involvement precedes the appearance of other symptoms or lesions at other locations.In varied instances, oral manifestations precede the systemic signs and symptoms while occasionally may be the only and pathognomonic ones.

Early diagnosis and prompt treatment of oral manifestations of systemic diseases will result in fast recovery of patients.

In addition to early diagnosis and prompt treatment of varied systemic diseases with oral manifestation, we at realtooth fraternity ensure safe delivery of dental services to medically complex patients

Lesions of Oral cavity fall under the grey area of medicine and dentistry.
Improvements in longevity have resulted in populations with increasing special oral care needs, including those who have cancer of head and neck; immuno-compromised due to HIV/AIDS, advanced age, residence in long term care facilities or the presence of life long conditions and even those who are receiving long term prescription medications for chronic conditions (eg., anti hypertensives, anti coagulants, immune suppressants, antidepressants.) These medications can cause adverse reactions in the oral cavity, such as xerostomia and ulcerations. Patients with xerostomia are at increased risk of tooth decay, periodontal disease and infection. The ideal management of such individuals should involve the collaborative efforts of physicians, nurses, dentists and dental hygienist, thus optimizing treatment and minimizing secondary complications deriving from the oral cavity.

As the life expectancy of the population has increased and due to advances in medical science, it is highly recommended that the medical and dental professionals integrate their care of patients. The collaboration between inter- disciplinary health care professionals would result in early referral of patients leading to early diagnosis and prompt management of emerging medical conditions.

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