Why Baby teeth Are Importent
19 Nov 2019

Importance Of Milk Teeth

The most overrated widely spread myth and the most frequently asked question is “Why baby teeth are important, anyways they will be replaced by permanent teeth in future.” Although they are replaced by adult teeth but they are an essential component of every child’s social, emotional and physical development. Every organ in the body has its unique function, thus reinstating the importance of baby teeth. So the fact holds baby teeth “Do Matter” and should be equally taken proper care of.

  1. Mastication

The basic function of teeth is for chewing food. Healthy teeth without caries permit the child to continue the maticatory process without any hindrances of pain and discomfort from an unhealthy tooth thus promoting good health and nutrition.

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2. Friendly Relationship With Dentist in Lucknow

The image of a dentist is often distorted by the parents by potraying them as a person who pokes injection for every treatment. Thus visit to the dentist at an early age (should be around the 1st birthday of the child) is essential in formation of a correct relationship between the child and the dentist, thus further treatment will be easier to perform. Moreover tooth dentition growth can be timely monitored and appropriate related knowledge can be shared with the parent to prevent future malocclusion.

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3. Growth And Facial Development

Milk teeth are essential for normal growth and development of jaw bone and muscle thus providing appropriate space for permanent set of teeth in future. It acts as a scaffold for the growing musculature thus giving form and shape to the child’s face.

Milk Teeth Help In Articulation Of Speech

4. Speech

Milk teeth help in articulation of speech. Certain sounds like “th”,”f”, ”v” are produced by synergistic action of tongue and teeth. Thus in the absence of teeth, there is a tendency towards lisping and the child may face problems in clear pronounciation of words resulting in distorted speech.

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5. Health of Permanent Teeth

Permanent teeth tooth bud develops underneath the roots of milk teeth. Since the enamel of baby teeth is relatively thin and the pulp horns are high, cavities if left untreated can lead to infection and abscess and subsequently cause damage to the underlying permanent tooth bud.

Preserving Space

6. Preserving Space

Primary teeth are considered as the ideal modality for maintaining space. They save space for adult teeth and thus guide them into proper occlusion thus preventing crowding/malocclusion at a later stage. Incase the baby teeth falls at an early age the space is occupied by the drifting and tipping of adjacent teeth blocking the space of permanent teeth.

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Healthy baby teeth makes the child feel good about him, boosting their self image and confidence. A beautiful smile encourages the child in all spheres of life acting as a building block in developing the personality and behavior of the child. Teaching your child to develop good oral care habits and acting as role models in reinforcing those habits will help them understand the importance of their dental health and thus keep the permanent teeth healthy for life.

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