Personal Dentistry

We at Realtooth Dental Clinic are committed towards the delivery of excellence to every patient we serve. Our Dental philosophy lies in giving a personal attention to each and every patient we serve in our clinics. Our expert Dentists spend an adequate amount of time to understand the exact nature of concern of the patients which works for their satisfaction.

As a personal dentist we give patients personal attention and make them feel comfortable.

When you visit any of the dental clinics of Realtooth, you can expect kindness, personal care and a genuine concern for your needs. We have the best team of dentists with an expert knowledge, certifications, and experience in dentistry.

Benefits of Personal Dentistry

  • Our Expert personal dentist seeks to educate his or her patients about proper dental care as well as on the treatments suggested. We encourage our patients to develop good preventative care habits and make them aware about the treatment.
  • A personal dentist understands that a patient’s mouth is sensitive and performs all treatments with a gentle touch. He makes an effort to minimize pain and discomfort by employing a very gentle care.
  • A personal dentist involves a patient in decision making for treatment. They allow patients access to their records and explain all the options for treatment. At realtooth we understand that a patient needs to feel in control of his or her treatment and have trust on his dentist.
  • Like a caring friend, a personal dentist can make even the most terrified patient feel at ease. So is at Realtooth. We have a calming nature and help patients relax during treatment.
  • Realtooth along with talented and experienced team is dedicated in helping patients to improve their oral health and deliver smile and happiness to the people of Lucknow

So if you are looking for Personal/family Dentist in Lucknow, Realtooth is the answer with all the modern dentistry equipments and multiple clinics in Lucknow. You can visit our clinic in any of the location – Gomti Nagar, Gokhale Marg & Mahanagar, we are 7 day open. You can also call us at +91-8881900300

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