Prevention Of Cross Contamination in A Dental Setup

With an increasing number of patients as well as dental setups, cross-contamination is becoming one of the major concerns these days. Hence it has become a necessity for a practitioner to understand the basic contamination control and take proper steps in order to prevent it.

Cross-contamination can occur in various ways like:

  • Patient to Patient
  • Patient to Doctor
  • Doctor to Patient

So in order to eradicate this monster, measures have to be taken and implemented at various levels. It not only includes the operator and patient but also the lab personnel and other staff involved as they can also serve as a potent carrier for infective agents.

Realtooth - Strict Measures

We here at REALTOOTH take really strict measures in order to prevent cross-contamination among patients.

  • Sterilization:

After every patient’s instruments used are scrubbed and soaked in a BioSonic unit in order to remove all the infective agents including saliva and blood stains followed by which they are pouched and sterilized in a Class B autoclave unit.

  • Disinfection:
  • Dental chair: Chairs are disinfected using a special disinfectant which acts against all forms of bacteria, fungi as well as viruses like rotavirus.
  • Floor
  • Personnel protection:
  • Gloving
  • Mouth mask and headcap

Mouth masks with high bacterial and particle filtration efficiency are used in order to prevent infections caused by airborne pathogens.

  • In house footwear
  • Handwashing and hand scrub

Realtooth - Dental solution, Dentist in Lucknow

Waste disposal:

Medical waste needs to be segregated properly before disposing of it off since its management varies according to the type of waste. Color-coded dustbins are used for this purpose.

Realtooth - Dentist in Lucknow

Being a part of this profession, it’s our sole responsibility to prevent the spread of infection among patients as well as the personnel.

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