Sensitivity of teeth is a very common dental problem

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07 Apr 2019

Sensitivity of teeth is a very common dental problem

tooth sensitivity tooth problems

Sensitivity of teeth is a very common dental problem. Sensitivity presents as sudden recurring episodes of pain like unpleasant sensation that can generally occur after exposure to cold, hot or acidic food.
This could occur due to a number of factors, some of them are:
• Wrong brushing method or dentifrices
• Dental caries or tooth fracture
• Faulty dental restoration
• Use of alcohol containing mouthwash
• Excessive consumption of acidic food and beverages.

tooth sensitivity tooth problems

“Prevention is better than Cure” Tooth sensitivity can be avoided by maintaining good oral hygiene, avoiding carbonated beverages, proper brushing methods, using soft bristle toothbrush, etc.

tooth sensitivity tooth problems

When experienced with any of above-mentioned symptom of sensitivity, the patient is advised to visit their dentist. Treatment is based on the cause of a problem, like- restoration and RCT of a carious tooth; composite restoration for abraded tooth; periodontal surgeries to treat gum and bone pathologies; professional application of fluoride gels; desensitizing gels and toothpaste, desensitizing mouthwash etc. We, at Realtooth follow a holistic approach for each and every patient. Equipped with advanced dental technologies, our aim is to improve oral and overall general health of all our patients. Beginning with educating the patients about causes and methods of avoiding similar dental problems to providing patients with different treatment plans to choose from; we provide patient-friendly treatment approach.

Tooth Sensitivity tooth problems


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