Worried About Dental Implants- Meet us !!!

19 Jun 2019

Worried About Dental Implants- Meet us !!!

Oral health is important to every age group, but with an increase in age expectancy; certain diseases have increased resulting in tooth/bone loss and gum diseases. Furthermore, neglected oral health may cause heart disease, diabetes, strokes, and oral carcinoma. 

According to a study by the World Health Organization, oral diseases affect half of the global population and dental decay in the permanent teeth is found to be the most rampant condition. The cheapest way to maintain oral health is to brush twice a day for 5 minutes daily and don’t forget to floss your teeth. In case, if you can’t make it keep your old buddy safe; there is an even better replacement for the tooth loss (single or multiple teeth, upper or lower full arch locked and loaded). Without tampering with the perfectly healthy teeth, we can replace it with the dental implant.

Do you know, an attempt of replacing the missing teeth has always been in fashion for more than 1500 years, as a finely carved tooth shaped stone was found implanted in a Mayan skull in Central America from 600 A.D and there are clear reports of attempted implants in ancient Egypt and in Middle East region. 

Earlier for a bridge to replace a missing tooth, structural support needs to be taken from the adjacent healthy teeth. Contrary to that, the ideal and effective method of replacing missing teeth is by placing an implant which is a boon for now. If you want to smile again and return your ability to speak clearly dental implant is worth considering.