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Realtooth Dental Clinic, the Best Dentists in Lucknow which is committed to providing quality dental treatment in Lucknow and extraordinary care to patients & their families. We assist our patients in preserving lifelong dental and oral health functions and esthetics.

At Realtooth our dental team of family dentistry takes care of the oral health of the whole family. We believe in the good old family dentistry tradition where each patient is attended by the same dentist or dental team over a long period of time and receives regular checkups and tooth cleaning in combination with prophylactic measurements.

Dental decay/wear/gum disease will always be present to some degree in an adult’s mouth, and a family dentist has the unique ability to predict the rate of development that is likely to take place over time and prevents the condition from deteriorating.

It is therefore essential that the same eyes follow a patient over time and that the interval between regular checkups is established as per the individual patient’s needs.

As we grow old or suffer from a disease such as diabetes, there is an increased risk of our vulnerability to dental problems and so the time intervals between checkups should be adjusted accordingly.

Today’s dentistry is fairly complex and in this age of specialization, our Family of  Best dentists in Lucknow has a team of experts hailing from varied dental fields to ensure that the best man does the job.

Benefits of Complete Dental Treatment in Lucknow

Oral Care for all Age - Groups

A family dentist provides care and dental services for multiple generations. From your toddler to senior citizens, everyone in the family can get regular cleanings and professional dentist advice from the same place. This also helps to develop good dental practices from a very young age and know that proper dental health is important.

Convenient Visits

One more advantage of turning to family dentistry over other facilities is that they provide all kinds of services whenever you may need it. You will be able to save time and money by having the same dentist treat the whole family.

Personal Relationships

The personal relationship that develops by spending time with the same dentist gives youthe confidence to ask about any oral health care concerns you have and will help you get the best care possible. You’ll also find it easier to understand what your dentist is telling you, because you’ll know more about his or her personality from prior appointments and cleanings.

Lifelong Dentistry

As a family dentist is one who treats all age groups the worry of finding a new practitioner with growing age does not stay. If you choose a pediatric dentist for your kids, as soon as they reach the cut-off age, they will have to become comfortable and get used to with a new dentist. Yet with a family dentist, all of your child’s dental records will stay in one place, and the quality and continuity of care do not get compromised.

Seeking out a family of the Best dentists in Lucknow may end up being among the best choices you make for the health of your family.

Looking for the Best family dentist in Lucknow? Realtooth is the end of the search for all family dentistry-related concerns in Lucknow. Currently, we have 3 different clinics located at Mahanagar, Gokhale Marg, and Gomti Nagar. You can directly visit us or can book an appointment over the call +918881900300.

We are open on Sunday as well.

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