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About Us


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At Realtooth, we firmly believe in the principles of “self-preservation” and “preventive dentistry”. Treatment protocols employ modern materials and techniques that require minimal intervention with a strong emphasis on patient care center that is driven clinically by sound judgment supported by credible scientific evidence. Our practice supports a modern decontamination and sterilization suite that complies with the best practices and global standards to ensure personal safety

After successfully practicing Solo dentistry for more than 12 years the need for hours was taken into consideration as Group practice is the new trend in dentistry. Authorities from various disciplines have come together to share their expertise from the manufacturing industry, bio-materials, and clinical and laboratory perspectives with eminent personalities of academia. Hence, as a result of the seed sown 12 years ago as “Dr. Anand Dental Centre” by Dr. Amit Anand, it slowly and gradually evolved into “Realtooth” as a huge fruitful tree in the dental landscape of Lucknow. Realtooth is a premium Dental Clinic in Lucknow chain offering painless and personal dentistry to their patients covering a complete gamut of dental treatments under one roof.

OUR AIM: To provide our patients with unsurpassed quality and personalized dental care in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

OUR MISSION: Lifelong sustainable oral health for our patients through partnering with them through our community commitment.

OUR VISION: To use our knowledge and skills for the benefit of the community to maintain and enhance the oral health of our patients and the general population.

OUR GOAL: Incorporating values and ethics in quality of care with compassion and integrity as basic ethics of our team workmanship.

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