Our Team of Professionals

Dr Amit Anand

Dr. Amit Anand

Principal Dentist, Expert Dental Implantologist and Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. arpita

Dr. Arpita Anand

Senior Consultant and Head of Quality Control

Dr. asit shukla

Dr. Asit Shukla

Senior Consultant Dentist and Root canal treatment expert

Dr. Shubham Dayal

Dr. Shubham Dayal

Consultant Orthodontist

Dr. Harshita Rai

Dr. Harshita Rai

Chief Oral Diagnostician and Radiologist

Dr. akansha awasthi

Dr. Aakanksha Awathi

Crown and Bridge Specialist, CAD CAM Consultant

Dr. fatima

Dr. Fatima

Restorative and cosmetic

Dr. Jutika

Dr. Jutika kalita

Dental Consultant

Dr. Gorochan

Dr. Gorochan Dixit

Dental Consultant and Centre Head

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