An Insight Into Dental Implant Pain & Its Management
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An Insight Into Dental Implant Pain & Its Management

An Insight Into Dental Implant Pain & Its Management


An insight into dental implant pain and its management

As you know dental implant procedure is a common and highly effective method of replacing your missing teeth. But the very thought of dental implants can often worry you regarding the pain and discomfort that may follow after your implant placement. Do not worry; here, we will be exploring the various aspects of pain and discomfort caused during and after dental implant procedure, giving you an insight on the ways in which you can minimize any potential discomfort and have a smooth recovery process.

Let’s know about dental implant pain:

Dental implant pain during the procedure: There is no pain during the procedure, as the implantologist will first numb the area of your dental implant placement with local anesthesia prior to the procedure making the process free of discomfort. All you will feel is a mild pressure and the vibrations from the machines used for implant placement.

Dental implant pain post procedure:

Following the procedure it’s typical to experience some discomfort which is a normal part of the healing process as the body adjusts to the new placed member. Discomfort may usually range from mild to moderate depending on the individual or the complexity of the procedure. This can easily be managed with the medicines prescribed by your dentist. In case you experience severe pain for an extended period, it is essential to contact your dentist as it may indicate complications.

Understanding Dental Implants:

A dental implant is a small titanium root that is surgically placed into your jawbone as a replacement for your missing tooth’s root.It serves as a sturdy foundation on which crowns, bridges or dentures are placed based on your dental needs. The implant fuses with the surrounding bone which typically takes a few months. Once the implant is fully integrated with your jawbone, an aesthetic crown is placed on it. This complete unit serves as a replacement for your missing tooth.

Does dental implants cause pain during the healing phase:

Pain can peak within 24-72 hours post procedure. However, this discomfort should start to lessen after the first few days. In the majority of patients full recovery occurs within 1-2 weeks. It is important to note that everyone’s healing process is unique.

Tips that you can use to avoid dental implant pain after surgery:

  • After the procedure your dentist may place a gauze pad on top of the surgical site and ask you to bite on it for about an hour. This will apply pressure to the site and help reduce the bleeding.

  • Take cold water, sip it and then hold it in your mouth until it cools down to your body temperature. Then gently spit it out. This will further help stop the bleed from the surgical site.

  • Take cold water and food intakes for the first 24 hours after your implant surgery ( Do not drink aerated drinks).

  • From the next 24 hours you can do warm saline rinses. This helps promote healing during the first week post procedure. Make sure water is not scalding hot.

  • Avoid sucking on straws for liquid consumption or smoking during the first two weeks post procedure. As it can result in clot dislodgement from the area of procedure and hamper healing.

  • You can also use cold compress to reduce swelling in case it occurs after the procedure. Apply ice compress for 15 mins at a time, then wait for 10 mins and reapply it if required.

  • Always avoid touching your surgical site or biting on hard foods, as it causes trauma and discomfort.

Tips for minimizing pain and discomfort:

While dental implant surgeries are not typically painful here's a list of things you can do to further minimize any discomfort.

  • Choose an experienced implantologist: Opt for a qualified and experienced implantologist who can use his expertise in treating you better.

  • Be curious, ask questions: Don't hesitate to ask any questions or express any of your concerns about things you do not know. It is always good to be well informed. It also helps in the reduction of pre-procedure anxiety that you may have and make the process less stressful.

Are myths about dental implants holding you back from getting a beautiful functional smile?

Let’s debunk the common myths and know the facts about dental implants:


1.Dental implant surgery is very painful: It is natural for you to be apprehensive about a surgical procedure, but let’s just burst this bubble of misconceptions for you. Dental implant placement is done under local anesthesia which makes the procedure painless and you experience no discomfort. The implantologist makes sure that you are adequately numbed and you should only feel slight pressure or vibrations during the implant placement.

2.Uncomfortable recovery: After the implant placement, there comes a healing or recovery period during which some discomfort is expected. Here’s what you can expect during your implant recovery phase;

    a) Diet- For a few days after surgery, you will be advised to take a soft diet so that no pressure is exerted on the surgical site.
    b) Swelling- Swelling around a surgical site is common after dental implant surgery. Applying ice packs and taking the prescribed medications help you manage this symptom.
    c) Discomfort- You may also experience some discomfort and mild pain at your implant’s site. This is managed using the medications that your dentist will prescribe you on the day of your implant placement.

In reality the discomfort associated with dental implants is most significant in the days immediately following the procedure. As your body heals and the implant integrates with the bone the pain diminishes.


Pain is subjective: Pain sensation is different for different people. What is considered painful to you may be perceived as mild discomfort to another. As you know, everyone has their own pain endurance capacities, which influences their perception of pain after implant surgery. Some may describe the procedure and recovery as virtually painless,others may find it slightly more uncomfortable as they are naturally more sensitive to pain. It is always better to tell your dentist about your pain tolerance prior to the start of treatment.

The complexity of the procedure: The amount of pain you feel can also depend on the complexity of your dental implant placement procedure. More complex cases such as bone grafting or multiple implant placements may involve slightly more discomfort during recovery.

Still worried?

With our best technologies and advancements in dentistry we at Realtooth provide you a better and painless implant placement experience.

In recent years the world of dentistry has drastically evolved. Keeping up with this technological evolution, we at Realtooth with our various digital and artificial intelligence (AI) integrated machines offer you more personalized care and faster solutions, making dental implant procedure less daunting.

1.Digital Scanning:

Digital intraoral scanners are now used for creating precise impressions of your mouth. This helps in accurate planning for your dental implant placement leading to more convenient procedures with enhanced comfort.

2. 3D CBCT Imaging:


With the use of 3D imaging a dentist now creates a detailed 3D model of your mouth enabling him to position the implant with accuracy which further reduces the risk of complications and post procedure discomfort.

3.Laser Technology:

One of the most beautiful advancements in dentistry is the incorporation of lasers. It not only aids in the procedure of implant placement but is also used for the post procedure recovery of your implant site. It helps in improved wound healing and tissue regeneration by increasing the local blood circulation in the area of implant placement. Lasers also help manage acute and chronic pain easing discomfort. These technologies have made dental implant placement less intimidating and more comfortable for you.

To sum up, dental implant procedure is not as painful as you may perceive. While there is some discomfort, it is typically manageable and temporary. It is always good for you to differentiate between myths and facts when considering any surgical procedure. Understanding that discomfort after an implant placement procedure is a normal process in recovery and is temporary, can help you alleviate your fears and help you make better decisions on opting dental implants as the best replacement options for your missing teeth.

Searching for options for your missing tooth's replacement? Visit us at Realtooth for the best treatment with dental implants for a beautiful function smile. With our sophisticated and advanced technologies we offer you painless implant placement procedures and make sure you get comforted all throughout your implant journey with us. Because your smile is our priority and happiness.

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