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16 Mar 2019

Realtooth Implant Solutions

New dentists often ask me how to begin with the implant program in their practice. They wish to expand the services currently being offered in their practice, and ask me about the best place to start it from. Successful implant therapy begins and ends with proper arrangement of the pre-existing condition through diagnosis, extraction and socket preservation (i.e. bone and tissue grafting non-restorable teeth). Managing a case in this manner generally leads to favourable and predictable outcomes, resulting in maximum experience gain and inspiring confidence in the budding Implantologists.

Even if you don’t plan to branch out into Implantology, offering extraction in your practice and bone grafting is simple, safe and paying. In my opinion it is standard of care dystrophic changes in the alveolar architecture following non-grafted extractions can more esthetic and functional results of both fixed & removable prosthetics, not just implants, root  can occur during the removal of terminal molars , often resulting in attachment loss adjacent to the teeth in question. It’s time we did better.

I will give you 3 basic steps you need to take to build a better practice with implants and bone grafting

  • TAKE A COURSE – Bone grafting courses are affordable, informative and convenient. Learn about what you do.
  • INVEST IN TIME – By far the most common mistake made is not giving yourself enough time to adequately complete the procedure. This compromises the result frustrating both dentist and patient. Book yourself enough time. Consider the temporary loss of production as an investment.It will pay dividends.
  • FUNDAMENTALS – No material, suture, device or forceps, will ever contribute so much to a successful outcome as solid surgical technique. Know what you are doing, and why you are doing it.

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