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Our Dental Implant Solutions Include:

Dental implants are titanium alloy structures with porous surface area that adheres to the underlying bone structure where the bone cells get attached and make new bone on the surface of Dental implant. It stimulates surrounding bone like a natural tooth root, so it also helps prevent bone resorption. It has   been patented by different companies worldwide. They get fixed in the bone with due period of few weeks; however it might vary for individual to individual, medical conditions and the body type.

Why Choose Realtooth Dental implant Solution?

Dental implant techniques are ever changing and evolving owing to dynamic industry developments and innovations in the field of implant dentistry. It is one of the fast evolving disciplines of the field of dentistry where multidisciplinary approach is essential to gain functional as well as esthetic success.  They are a better option than the conventional dentures as it can always be topped up when required later in life which is not an option with the later. We at realtooth have a dedicated team of Dental implant experts who possess vast experience in the field of dentistry. Our Dental team is continuously upgrading their intellect, knowledge and skills in accordance with international standards by learning from the best in the global field.

Milestones of Realtooth

  1. Dedicated team of dental experts with international work exposure
  2. More emphasis on treatment planning to achieve painless surgery and best treatment outcome.
  3. High level of sterilization protocol
  4. Unique protocol for various important procedures
  5. Regular upgrade of skills as per international norms and introduction of latest global techniques and methods in our clinical scenario and practice.
  6. Usage of top global Dental implant brands only, for high precision and quality.
  7. Latest and advanced equipments
  8. Regular follow up of patients to monitor Dental implant and general oral health

Who can benefit?

Dental implants can be a smart choice for adults of all ages, whether you were born without a tooth or had to get teeth removed due to injury, infection or decay. So, you can can get Dental Implants at any age. They can also be an option for adolescents, once facial growth and development has been completed. They are built to last and you can look great and feel great

Various treatment options

  1. Single tooth Dental implant– The best treatment option for Single missing teeth is Dental implant. Single tooth Dental implant does not harm the adjacent teeth and helps in preventing bone resorption, thereby providing a stable treatment for long term.

2.Multiple teeth Dental implant– It is a simple procedure and can be conducted in few minutes without any hassle. In cases where the posterior support is missing for rehabilitation, implant supported bridge is a great treatment option. Dental implant supported bridge is a fixed solution which is a great option for patients with multiple missing teeth. They are designed to restore the patients form and function like natural teeth. It is a long term investment considering the lifelong sustainability.

3 Immediate Dental implant – Same day Dental Implants or teeth in a day, are placed on the same day of appointment. Tooth loss in the esthetic zone most often results due to decreased bone volume in the vertical and horizontal plane. In order to minimize bone resorption and to maintain the periodontal architecture.Dental implant placement immediately after tooth extraction is strongly advocated however in compromised bone condition it is advisable to wait for about 12-16 weeks to ensure maximum stability for dental implants.  It’s good for efficient fabrication of final restoration and developing soft tissue site.

4. Single jaw replacement – Losing all teeth is a nightmare for us all and a big challenge to regain that beautiful smile back, but with new innovations and techniques in the field of Dental implants,this is no more a dream. High quality Dental implants, better planning and skilled team can help you achieve your precious smile back.. If all teeth are missing in either of the arch, Dental implants is the best solution. If you wish for a fixed and a long lasting solution then go for implants, it is the best choice for fixing up your lost smile

5. Dental implant supported denture – It is a type of an overdenture which is supported by and attached to Dental implants unlike the conventional dentures that rests on the gums. They are fabricated when all teeth are missing but the bone support is good. They are highly stable and comfortable for chewing and other functions and feel like natural teeth.

6. All on 4– The all on 4 treatment concept provides edentulous patients with an efficient and effective restoration using 4 implants to support an immediately delivered full arch prosthesis. It is a lifelong investment that has high success rates. It is a safe and predictable surgical protocol. All on 4 is a minimally invasive technique for higher patient satisfaction. Immediate loading dental implant with a fixed provisional prosthesis quickly leads to improved patient satisfaction with regards to functional esthetics, speech and self esteem

7.All on 6– This is used in cases where 6 Dental implants are placed to reconstruct the mouth when a person has lost significant number of teeth in one or both jaws

8. All on 8 – It consists of placement of 8 Dental implants in each arch which acts as anchors for a fixed or removable dental bridge. It is done when 80% of the natural teeth are lost

9.Bone grafting – A bone graft helps to correct a deficiency or defect in bone. This correction can be performed by using bone originating from the patient himself or by using specific materials called “Bone substitutes”

9.Bone grafting – A bone graft helps to correct a deficiency or defect in bone. This correction can be performed by using bone originating from the patient himself or by using specific materials called “Bone substitutes”

10.Sinus augmentation – Sinus bone graft is helpful to gain more bone in the upper back region for better placement of the Dental implants.

11.Guided Dental implant surgery – Advanced digital technology in dental field allows virtual planning and the fabrication of highly accurate guides that helps in the placement of precise Dental implants.

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